Pure Ecological Products
Our Green Products
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Glass drinking bottle 500 ml Venice
€ 2,59
Main Image (Black)
Glass tumbler 350 ml Astoglass
€ 3,88
Main Image (Black)
Glass bottle 470ml Praga Glass
€ 2,76
Main Image (Black)
190T RPET shopping bag Totepet
€ 1,01
Main Image (Black)
RPET non woven shopping bag Tote
€ 0,85
Main Image (Black)
190T RPET drawstring bag Shooppet
€ 1,16
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A4 notebook in cardboard cover Paper Book
€ 1,64
Main Image (Black)
70 lined sheet ring notebook Piedra
€ 2,64
Main Image (Black)
A5 notebook with cork cover Suber
€ 3,19
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Double wall bamboo flask Batumi
€ 12,13
Choose more sustainable materials and replace disposable with reusable products
Nowadays we are very active on recycling in order to take care of the environment but also to bring new products made of recycled materials.
Renewable materials are great for the environment as the natural resource can replenish itself generation after generation.